The Revenant – the Stealth Suit – Available Now!

In the latest patch to Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut, we made the new Revenant Strike Suit available to all. If you own the game already, you’ll find the new suit waiting for you if you boot up the game.

If you’ve mastered the Marauder, Raptor and original Strike Suit, now’s a great chance to take your dogfighting skills to the next level with a brand new suit of space armor.

The Revenant is a Stealth Suit for pilots looking to take on their enemies in a new way.The craft’s primary function allows it to activate a cloak that renders it invisible to enemies. ‘Sneak’ up on Colonial ships and take them out before they even know you’re there. Careful, though: stealth needs to be used with care – once you activate the Suit’s weapon systems, you’ll be visible once more.


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