True, Strike Suit Zero is largely about fighter-craft, big ol’ capital ships and transforming suits of space armour. These craft wouldn’t be much without somebody in the cockpit, however. Today we’re going to take a quick look at some of the pilots that shaped the events of Strike Suit Zero. 



Though young, Grace Reynolds has seen her fair share of action – enough to give her the mindset and attitude of a pilot twice her age. In the beginning of the game she is Adams’ tutor and direct superior, while later on in the story they work together. She flies the fighter that accompanies Adams through most of the missions.

She is known by most of the officers as a reliable, skilled pilot but on occasion gets into trouble by following her instincts rather than obeying orders. Despite this trait – Grace can’t help but do the right thing.



Born and raised a military man, Captain McCallum lived and breathed military service from an early age. It was not his first choice; he did not want to go into the “family business”, he wanted to kick out against it – but it was an easy life to fall into.

Despite a desire to rebel, he had a family with a tradition of military service and they saw him quickly rise through the ranks, possibly too quickly. Early commands saw him make big mistakes and a lot of men died. He was never held accountable for their deaths,but he feels accountable.

As a result, Cal is not quite as arrogant or self-confident as his peers – in conversation he shows some genuine humility, is self-deferential and is aggressively defensive of the lives of his men.


Commander Bowman is the highest surviving ranking member of the Earth Fleet and takes command of the Earth Fleet for a short time.

Bowman’s priorities are not to save Earth, however – he believes it is too late, and saving Earth conflicts with his own agenda. Bowman is obsessed with finding and destroying the Colonial elite known as the Black Fleet. He will risk the rest of the fleet in his obsession, and is prepared to take everyone else down with him if he needs to.


Older and more traditional in his thinking than McCallum, Caro is from the previous generation of pilots and has probably seen more action than anyone else. He knows how to fight and, given any task, will get it done or die trying.

He doesn’t agree with Cal but will follow orders without exception. He distrusts almost anyone of a lower rank than he is.

His abrasive personality and inability to network kept him from going any higher in the ranks of the Earth Space Military. McCallum outranks him despite the fact they are both Captains. Caro is abrasive and particularly unlikeable – but you’d certainly want him on your side.


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