The Oculus Rift Strike Suit Zero BETA is GO!

This post will be more applicable to our Kickstarter backers at this point, but those of you with Oculus Rift dev kits will want to prick your ears up, too.

If you’re a Kickstarter backer and added an additional $1 to your pledge to gain access to the Oculus BETA for Strike Suit Zero – check your emails. We’ve just sent out instructions on how to launch the Oculus version of the game, so if you have a Rift dev kit, you can play the VR version of SSZ RIGHT NOW.

We’ve set up a new area of the forum for those of you in the BETA to discuss the game, so be sure to head there if you’ve been playing. This version of the game is still early in development, so we’re very much looking forward to your comments and suggestions.

Our trusty backers will have early access to the Oculus version of the game, but we’ll be making the BETA available to all Oculus owners shortly. So if you missed out on early access, don’t worry and keep your eyes out for more information soon.

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