Strike Suit Zero Oculus Open Beta Now LIVE

Do you have an Oculus Rift dev kit? Do you have a copy of Strike Suit Zero in your Steam library? Good stuff — then you can now experience the VR version of Strike Suit Zero. After a closed beta formed from our Kickstarter backers, we’re now throwing the doors open to anybody with an [...]

The Oculus Rift Strike Suit Zero BETA is GO!

This post will be more applicable to our Kickstarter backers at this point, but those of you with Oculus Rift dev kits will want to prick your ears up, too. If you’re a Kickstarter backer and added an additional $1 to your pledge to gain access to the Oculus BETA for Strike Suit Zero – [...]

Oculus Rift and the Next Generation.

What defines the jump from one generation to the next? An increase in graphical fidelity was the driving force behind progress for many years – more polygons, better textures and improved animations. The worlds of our games leapt from two dimensions into three, our heroes acquired faces and voices, and our virtual playgrounds were brought [...]