Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut Ship Comparisons

The Director’s Cut of Strike Suit Zero has had a bit of a makeover, with new textures, lighting, and a bunch of additional polys chucked at the ships. We think it looks pretty snazzy.

Below you’ll find some of the craft from the Director’s Cut alongside their old counterparts from the original game.

2 thoughts on “Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut Ship Comparisons

  1. so…instead of an update for the game……your just making the same game again with a few extras and re-skins?

    not that im against it, just wondering cause i really don’t want to spend 15 dollars on the same thing just for better graphics ;-;

    • This graphic update is to bring the visuals to a level suitable for consoles hooked up to big screen TVs. The price is a bargain for that kind of experience!

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