Strike Suit Survey – Results

Firstly, a massive thank you to everybody that has taken the time to fill out the Strike Suit survey – it saw a great response, and the results have proven rather interesting. We thought it might be nice to reveal a few interesting titbits of information based on your answers, which you’ll find below.

One of the first points we can extrapolate from the data is that you’re a friendly bunch. Based on a survey of over 1000 people, 81.4% of you said you’d prefer to play as a team rather than against each other. It seems taking to the skies together – as part of a team – is an alluring prospect for space combat fans, and something we’ve taken on board. There’s another figure to back that up, too: 82.6% of you would rather take on AI hordes with a friend than shoot said friend out the sky.


It’s quite heart-warming really – you’re an amiable bunch.

Something else we’re now confident in saying: context and narrative is clearly very important to you. 85.3% of you said you prefer your space combat contextualised – with a world and mission – as opposed to straight up action. Perhaps this isn’t as surprising, but the figure itself – being the vast majority – is certainly something we’ve taken note of.

Here’s Pacman again to help you visualise that information.


One last observation: the data suggests that space combat fans – or fans of Strike Suit Zero, at least – would prefer their games to be more thoughtful. When asked whether you prefer ‘simple, pure and fast’ gameplay, or ‘complex, deep and tactical’ – 59.1% of you voted in favour of the latter. Clearly something more thoughtful – involving careful strategy and planning ahead – is something you want to see from your space games.

Again, thanks to everybody that took part – we’ll be emailing the winners of the prize draw shortly, and more importantly, we’ll be taking a good hard look at the information gained from the survey as we move forward with the new project.


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