Strike Suit Zero Developer Diary #3

Much of Strike Suit Zero’s tone and atmosphere is defined by Paul Ruskay’s incredible soundtrack. In this third developer diary, Paul shares how he was brought on board with the project, and details the process that helped bring the score to fruition.

Back Strike Suit Zero through Paypal!

It’s taken us a lot longer than we anticipated to sort out, but those of you without a credit card or Amazon account can now pledge through Paypal. Additionally, you’ll still be able to pledge through Paypal after the Kickstarter has drawn to an end. Simply head here, choose your tier level, and click through [...]

SSZ Screenshot blowout

A slew of screenshots have been released for Strike Suit Zero over the summer. Here, you can find them all in one place, for your viewing convenience.

Welcome to!

Welcome, cadet! Strike Suit is now operational. Across the pages of the site, you’ll find updates on the development of the game, the upcoming codex – which will detail the ships, weapons and technologies of the Strike Suit universe – as well as all the latest assets from the world of the game. Some [...]