Announcing Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut

Hear that sound? It’s the news horn! Which means we have some big news to share. Today we’ve announced Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut, which will be heading to both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in March (£14.99 / $19.99). The Director’s Cut version of the game not only takes advantage of the power [...]

High-res Arcadia Render

The SSZ art team are still beavering away on up-res’ing the ships from Strike Suit Zero. Here’s how the Arcadia’s looking these days. What’s it all for? You’ll have to wait a little bit longer to find out…

Final Up-scaled Ships

The other week we brought you some in-progress shots of some the up-scaled ships that we have in the works. Today we can show some much more final versions of those images. Below, you’ll find the Axe Fighter and Muge, in all their up-scaled glory. Once again, we can’t say what these are being used [...]

VIDEO: Ship Up-Scaling

Last week we published a few shots which showed off the new, up-scaled ships that are currently in the works here at Born Ready Games. In the video update below, we elaborate on that post, with our 3D Artist, Hans, on hand to talk through some of his work. Have a watch, why don’t you.

From the Studio: Ship Up-Scaling

Our shiny new artist, Hans, is currently hard at work up-scaling the craft in Strike Suit Zero. He’s upping the number of polygons and increasing the fidelity of the textures, breathing new life into the ship designs. Why you ask? Well that would be telling. Enjoy the images for now. Next week we’ll talk to [...]


True, Strike Suit Zero is largely about fighter-craft, big ol’ capital ships and transforming suits of space armour. These craft wouldn’t be much without somebody in the cockpit, however. Today we’re going to take a quick look at some of the pilots that shaped the events of Strike Suit Zero.    GRACE REYNOLDS Though young, [...]


The events of (and indeed leading up to) Strike Suit Zero are defined by large-scale fleet battles where the tide of war can turn very quickly. In this feature we’re going to look at some of the more notable battles in Strike Suit lore. These battles were so notable, in fact, that the UNE re-created [...]


As you might expect, the studio behind a space combat game is comprised of folk who are big fans of space combat. Funny that. Anyway, in this week’s blog post, we thought we’d share with you some of our favourite space combat games. Sam Bradley, UI Artist   I’ve played a lot of X-wing versus [...]

Mac and Linux versions of Strike Suit Zero available now

Mac and Linux players rejoice! Strike Suit Zero is now available for both platforms. Mac and Linux support was originally a stretch goal during our Kickstarter campaign, and while funding fell just short of the stretch goal milestone, we committed to porting the game regardless. After a BETA for each version, we finally reached a [...]