Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut Developer Diary

Want to know more about the Director’s Cut version of Strike Suit Zero straight from the mouths of the chaps that made it? Great, because we’ve thrown together the developer diary below for that very reason. Alongside this video, we’ve also announced the release date for the game. If you’re an Xbox One owner, you’ll [...]

Announcing Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut

Hear that sound? It’s the news horn! Which means we have some big news to share. Today we’ve announced Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut, which will be heading to both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in March (£14.99 / $19.99). The Director’s Cut version of the game not only takes advantage of the power [...]

Kickstarter Finished — Huge Thanks to all our Backers!

While we hit our target a few weeks back, the Kickstarter campaign has finally drawn to a close. We’ve finished with a grand total of $174,804 — a considerable amount more than our 100k target. We can also now finally share that the game will be launching on PC on January 24th, 2013. A massive [...]

Strike Suit Zero Developer Diary #3

Much of Strike Suit Zero’s tone and atmosphere is defined by Paul Ruskay’s incredible soundtrack. In this third developer diary, Paul shares how he was brought on board with the project, and details the process that helped bring the score to fruition.