New Strike Suit project – we want YOUR input!

Hello, cadet! Today we’d like to call upon your services to help us out defining a new Strike Suit Zero-related project we have on the boil. We’ve set up a little survey, which shouldn’t take a minute to complete, which will help ascertain exactly what you’d like to see from whatever this next project might [...]

The Oculus Rift Strike Suit Zero BETA is GO!

This post will be more applicable to our Kickstarter backers at this point, but those of you with Oculus Rift dev kits will want to prick your ears up, too. If you’re a Kickstarter backer and added an additional $1 to your pledge to gain access to the Oculus BETA for Strike Suit Zero – [...]

Oculus Rift and Geekopolis

On May 25 and 26, we threw our Oculus Rift in a bag and made our way over to Paris for Geekopolis. This was the first public outing of the Oculus Rift version of Strike Suit Zero, and it’s fair to say it caused a bit of a stir. Our booth had the longest queues [...]

The Strike Suit Zero Mod-Jam

Two weeks ago, the Born Ready Games studio split into two teams to create a mod with our new Strike Suit Zero mod tools, XedMod. In four days, the two teams created two mods: S-Zero (think Wipeout meets Super Meat Boy) and Parsec Parcels (GTA meets Crazy Taxi), both of which are available through Steam [...]

Strike Suit Zero Developer Diary #3

Much of Strike Suit Zero’s tone and atmosphere is defined by Paul Ruskay’s incredible soundtrack. In this third developer diary, Paul shares how he was brought on board with the project, and details the process that helped bring the score to fruition.

Welcome to!

Welcome, cadet! Strike Suit is now operational. Across the pages of the site, you’ll find updates on the development of the game, the upcoming codex – which will detail the ships, weapons and technologies of the Strike Suit universe – as well as all the latest assets from the world of the game. Some [...]