Announcing the Revenant; the Stealth Suit

Greetings, cadets! So we’re bringing this announcement to our community here on the Strike Suit Zero site before anywhere else: next week, we’ll be releasing the Revenant Strike Suit – FOR FREE – to anybody that owns Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut on Steam.


The Revenant is a Stealth Suit for talented pilots looking for that next challenge.The Revenant’s primary function allows it to activate a cloak that renders it invisible to enemies. However, stealth needs to be used with care since as you activate the Suit’s weapon systems, you’ll be visible once more.

As a result, the Revenant’s weapons have been designed to deal with the Suit’s main threat: fighter craft. The cannon is based on the original strike suit cannon but with a higher rate of fire. In addition, the missiles are short range missiles with a short lock time and reduced Flux cost.

If you’re one of our Kickstarter backers – and all goes to plan getting things ready – we’ll be reaching out to you later this week with information on how to access the new suit before anybody else, as we finish up a spot of testing before we release it into the wild. Keep an eye out for a KS update with information relating to this very soon.

Thanks, and keep your eyes out for the Revenant very soon…

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